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Meet our Students
Oct 20, 2016

Meet our Students

We had a chance to speak with Una Sedić, a freshman student at BURCH University, and learn more about her past achievements and future goals.

Can you please say us few words to introduce your self?

My name is Una Sedić and I am 18 years old. I graduated from International High School in Tuzla and am currently a student of the first year of the Department of International Relations and European Studies.
I have been an activist for several years now and this fact somehow gave me direction in what I want to do in the future. Therefore, I would like to contribute to positive change in Bosnia and Herzegovina and help solve our problems. I am also interested in science and technology, as well as music. I collect old coins as a hobby and I enjoy writing poetry, short stories, etc.

How do you feel at BURCH?

I'm having great time here. I've already met a lot of people. I feel a huge difference here because professors are adjusting their work according to the needs of students, whereas at other univiersitites it's the other way around.
I became an active member of Burch Diplomacy Club and Business Development Club. I am striving to become a member of the Student Ambassador Program and be a member of the Burch University Student Parliament.

Did your expectations match the reality so far?

Honestly, what I've seen and experienced here exceeded my expectations. I'm in such a freindly environment which leaves for us students free space to develop ourselves and find the best we have inside of us.

Can you tell us about some projects and programs you participated in?

I have actively taken part in several programs and organizations. I was coordinator of the Local Team of ASuBiH in Tuzla; I am a member of the European Youth Parliament. I was part of the team of young educators for the online platform hocu.ba.
I mostly concentrated on small projects in my hometown of Tuzla. For example, for International Students Day we educated 300 students from 16 high schools in Tuzla. This is the biggest project that I've participated in. I was an educator for two youth camps, one in Modriča and the other one in Gračanica where the topic tolerance was central.
I've also traveled to Zagreb for a regional session of European Youth Parliament. I've participated in I-SWEEEP project olympiad in America where I won a silver medal for my project about contamination purification.

Where do you see your self in three years, after graduation?

I've always belived that finding happiness is my biggest goal and that includes getting a diploma and a job. So I hope that I'll have graduated and found a good, fulfilling job. And since I can't do it alone, I will forver be grateful to those who helped me achieve my goals and hopefully help them in achieving theirs.
My final message to the students and youth would be use your time, make mistakes and fail until you succeed in whatever you want. And please, no regrets.