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Dec 06, 2016


We were honored to speak with our freshmen student Omar Husejnagić about his education, dreams, and ability to see the failure as a new chance.

Can you please say us few words to introduce yourself?

My name is Omar Husejnagić, I am first year student at International Relations and European Studies deparmtnet here at BURCH Univeristy. I am originally coming from Tuzla, where I graduated from International High School. I am sport oriented, I was engaged in athletics since my childhood. Besides that I love classical music and poems. I am in love with the design and fashion.

How do you feel at BURCH, and did your expectations match the reallity so far?

I fell very comfortable here, I can say that BURCH University met all my expectations. I am really happy with the camaraderie in class as well as relation we have with our professors. I can say that teaching quality is really high,we have professors coming from different background and various fields of expertiese with a lot of knowledge they are passing to us.
Related to aforementioned, my professors inspired me to take part in this year's BURCH Start Up competition where I will present my idea of a suit tailor shop. I am looking forward to my successful presentation which will be held on 14th of December.

Can you tell us about some projects and programs you participated in?

One Project that I am really proud on is educating pupils in elementary schools about the mines and danger they are bringing. We organized sequence of lectures and competition for them. This was really successful project for me.

Tell us more about your inspiration with military discipline?

Since my childhood I was fascinated with military. I read a lot of history books and stories inspired with different heroes. I read a lot of books regarding history from 19th century till now and my love towards it was bigger and bigger. The character that I was particularly inspired by was Manfred von Richthofen (Red Baron), officer from WWI. I wanted to enroll into the Turkish Military Academy and I prepared a lot for their entrance exam. However, due to new regulation where the grades were decisive for them to select the cadets. I was not able to make that dream come true. It was really hard period for me, since this is something I was looking for since my childhood. However, I decided to enroll at BURCH University, since I‘ve heard about it before and now I can say that I made the right choice.

Where do you see yourself in three years upon graduation?

I am planning to enroll in Master Studies. I will try to start my own business and become a business person. I find myself comfortable in communicating and negotiating with people. I would like to work something related to fashion design.

What would be your message for other young people?

Working hard and dreaming big is essential for success. Even if you fail, hard work is the only thing that can direct you to another right path in life.