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BURCH University students on Exchange in Romania
Dec 12, 2016

BURCH University students on Exchange in Romania

Four students from BURCH University, Irma Imamović, Mirela Imamović, Emina Muzaferija and Merve Turkyilmaz are on ERASMUS exchange in West University of Timisoara, Romania. This University is founded in 1962, it is state owned and one of their alumnus won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2009.

Our students explained that when they decided to apply for Erasmus program, they went to International Office at BURCH University where the staff was kind and helped them to choose Universities. Once they applied they had to wait for several months for the acceptance letter. Then, they had to apply for Romanian Visa because they will stay in Romania for 5 months. The procedure of obtaining Visa takes approximately one month. They had to collect different documents and send them to Romanian Embassy in Sarajevo. They advised students to start with Visa application as soon as possible, because it takes time to obtain one.

When they arrived in Timisoara, they had to find the student complex and the appropriate dorm. They emphasized that Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Group is student organization and they are very kind and communicative. They always arrange trips and parties, different kind of gatherings and events, so they had a great time with them and were able to travel a lot.

West University of Timisoara is public one, and it receives a lot of international students. For the end they send a message to all our students: “Erasmus is something You have to experience while being a student. The time you spend travelling, learning different languages and meeting people with different cultural background is priceless. You broaden your horizons, stretch your mind, enhance education and experience, and expand friendships. You come back home as a different person.”